UK Registered Charity Number 1178929


We're always grateful to everyone who donates or fundraisers for us.

As a charity we are totally self funded so each donation and every 1 allows us to carry on the important work we all do.

This year has been super busy, we've already admitted more than 500 hedgehogs , compered to 2022 total of 297! 
We've had a food donation appeal running the last few weeks, as we are going through so much food.
As of December 2023 we have almost 80 hedgehogs in our care, so you can imagine the amount of food we use. 
This appeal has been a great success,  and thank you to everyone who has donated. 
We were also lucky enough to have the Four leaf clover Life style team fund raising, during the summer. 
They made hedgehogs houses, sold items a events and went on to win a prize at the the life style awards! 
Well done and thank you.
We and the hedgehogs are very greatful.

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