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Hi Iím Jan
My interest in hedgehogs started during lockdown.  As we all spent so much time at home, I noticed we had a few hogs visiting our back garden in the evenings.

Having more time on my hands I started to look into hedgehogs and their lifestyles.  I was intrigued, how was it that I didnít know a thing about them? I didnít know you shouldnít give them milk, or that bird seed wasnít good for them. The more I read, the more interested I became. So much do that I contacted Holderness Hedgehog Hospital to see if I could become a volunteer.  With a few weeks of training I was able to over winter a few hogs that needed support.

Since then I have also completed a The Vale Course on Hedgehog First Aid, Care & Rehabilitation and continued with training from the wonderful assessors at HHH, I still have an awful lot to learn but thoroughly enjoy the time with HHH.

Iím now a hedgehog nanny, I look after the babies and I am also a HOT. (Hands on technician) which means I can administer some medication.

I currently have five hogs in my care, at the moment they are all fast asleep.  Iím looking forward to them coming out of hibernation in the spring, and after a few weeks of healthy eating to reach their release weight they will go back into the wild, hopefully back in the area they were found, supported by kind people who will help them on their way.


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