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After months of planning we can share the news that we are now qualified to microchip hedgehogs before we release them. 

Thanks to Peddy Mark for the training and well done to those who can now do this, it wasn’t easy as there was lots of reading, a knowledge test and then a pass or fail practical test.

This means we will be able to tell if a hedgehog has been into us or another before, if there are certain illnesses in an area and if an area if suitable for release or if hedgehogs struggle there.

Update on our HOTs (Hands On Technicians) they are all doing very well and gaining confidence in their abilities. They can now all give medications and are having a huge impact on freeing up space in the emergency rescues.

We also have a trainee assessor, she is currently learning the ropes and becoming more confidant and will soon be ready to help.

Our Hog nanny is all set up and ready to go as hoglet season is upon us! We have already had 4 mums with young and so far all are doing really well.

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