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Brrrrr......getting a bit nippy at night out there now so please leave plenty of food and water out for the hedgehogs in your area.

Some adults have already started to hibernate but there are still lots of others bulking up and Autumn juveniles are just trying to survive.

There are lots of juveniles hedgehogs struggling and they may be too small to make it through the winter, a regular meal really is the difference between life and death for them.

If you do support feed please continue to do so, even refilling the bowls before going to bed helps massively. 

Cat, kitten, puppy biscuits and dog or cat meat is perfect for them and don't forget a dish for water as well. 

You will not prevent them from hibernating by leaving food out.... when they are ready to hibernate they will.

We are inundated with calls about juveniles at this time of year but knowing when to intervene and bring them into rescue is crucial.

We try to leave these juveniles where they belong so not to intervene and cage a wild animal unnecessarily, this also saves our limited space for the hedgehogs that do need assistance.

Guidance on hibernation weight differs on where in the country you are and what the weather conditions are like. 
For example, if it's mild we keep them wild.

It's colder further north so juveniles may need rescuing sooner but it can be warmer further south so they can be left for longer. 

Weight isn't always a guide either, shape is important.
2 hedgehogs can weigh the same but differ hugely in appearance.
1 is nice and round, the other skinny and tapered at the bottom.

We monitor the weather closely at this time of year and make a decision on a case by case basis.
If you are concerned about a small visiting hedgehog please call us for advice.

We have lots of trained foster carers who help us all year round and especially during the winter with the huge number of hedgehogs that come into our care.
They have spent time with us learning how to handle, clean, care for the hogs and how to spot any issues.
It's not easy caring for our prickly friends that's why it's so important you don't try to look after any hedgehogs yourself, a lot have heavy worm burdens that can only be seen with a microscope and during the winter they need extra care.

Most treatments can only be prescribed by a vet and they won't just hand medication out to anyone. 
We have worked closely with ours for a number of years now and it takes time to build that relationship.
Remember, any hedgehog out during the will need help.


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