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The Only Fools and Horses family.

These babies came to us for care on the 18th June 2023 and there are 3 males and two females.



Delboy who weighed 93g

Rodney who weighed 95g

Trigger who weighed 85g

Raquel who weighed 82g and

Marlene who weighed 83k

Their eyes were still closed and they needed hand feeding every few hours and then toileting.

Update - August 2023

Once their eyes started to open they became more independent.

This made life so much easier.


They started to refuse the hand feeding and learnt how feed themselves. 


They still had the special milk (no lactose) but lapped from a small dish. 

We also introduced puppy mousse, they loved this and started self anointing. No-one knows why they do this but its when a hedgehog smells or tastes something new which they like. 


The are now all independent, living separately until they are ready for release. 



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